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Homeschool Fitness Curriculum

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My son missed PE from Public school until this week...thanks to Even the 4 yr old is having a blast with PE! I highly recommend this program.


Did a PE lesson this morning. We all had fun! Ty!

Ms. Mary

I just wanted to say that we just started your program and love it already. I keep the lessons file on my iPhone so they are always handy where ever we are. Thanks for an easy, but awesome resource to keep our kids healthy!

Tara G

I want to thank you for making something that will work INDOORS!! We get the extremes of weather here...freezing cold and dangerously hot, so I've struggled with finding something that will work inside our small home when we can't get outside. having both the videos and written instructions has been absolutely wonderful!! If something seems confusing in written form, the video clears it right up for me! And I'm amazed that my children have not complained when I say it's time for P.E


We are new to Family Time Fitness, and are really enjoying it. I like that the activities can be done indoors (we live in rainy Seattle!) . I have been looking literally years for a manageable exercise regimen for my son, and I now believe I have found it.

Jocelyn M

The kids enjoyed it. Thanks,

Temple W

I love it! The kids love it! It doesn't take too long, so there's no excuses, It's fun, so the kids and I enjoy it. It makes us sweat, so I know it's working us :) I highly recommend it!

Meghan B.

Thanks so much Jeremiah. We did your sample lesson and everyone had a lot of fun, so we are really excited to start the Family Time Fitness.Thanks for making homeschooling easier for all of us!
Susan P.

[I'm] really looking forward to implementing this program in our homeschool. Thanks.
Lisa W.

Hello and thank you for sending me your program so promptly. My family looks forward to getting started on our road to fitness!
Sandra W.




Family Time Fitness
Basketball Sports Development Module

18 - Lesson Plans
2 - Assessment Plans
8-10 - Week Program
Video Demonstrations

Basketball Module Overview

The Level 1 Basketball Training Program is designed to provide parents, coaches or even children instructions on how to teach or learn the fundamentals of basketball. The program is made up of 18 lesson plans and 2 assessment plans. Level 1 Basketball is designed to be done over an 8-10 week period. This program is a great way to diversify any physical education program.

The lessons in Level 1 Basketball will help a child develop fundamental basketball skills. Every lesson contains a warm-up, skill and movement patterns, muscular strengthening exercises, and a cool down. The goals of Level 1 Basketball are to develop basketball specific motor skills, improve health, and promote a sense of well-being. Each lesson also contains information about the history of basketball or some general rules of the game.

The Level 1 Basketball Training Program is a great way to introduce your children to basketball. All of the lessons can be done at home and require minimal equipment. Even if your children have played basketball before, Level 1 Basketball will help your children improve their basketball skills.

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