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  • Our whole family absolutely loves this material.
    Chaplain Jeremy

    We are doing the program as a family and it is a positive time of interaction and humor that we all look forward to.
    Wendy H.

    My kids love all of the exercises – especially when they can act out different animals, etc.
    Crysti S.

    Some of my favorite homeschool moments during the day are from our Homeschool PE Curriculum lesson. We often end in giggles over a game.

    My children are very active. They run, jump, climb trees and ropes, they play tag and have air~soft gun wars. I always considered this their P.E. time, little did I know that there were many muscles my children were not using.

    The kids were very excited to try this out! They got up extra early with eagerness to start their days with a P.E. lesson. My kids are 13, 8, and 4.

    You know an awful lot about my daughter who has Down syndrome and have shared in some of her struggles and have watched many of her successes......There were times when Gess didn't want it (Fitness 4 Homschool) to end and asked me to "play" more.

    Fitness 4 Sports
    Foundational Strength Module
    Fitness 4 Sports Foundational Strength

    In-Home Foundational Strength Program

    The Foundational Strength Program is a great way to introduce 12 to 18+ year olds to the basics of strength training. Participants in the course are introduced to the principles of training and training variables. Participants will put the concepts into practice as they work through the foundational strength program. This program is designed to be done in the home, backyard, park, or just about anywhere with mimimal space requirements.

    This bodyweight strength training program is designed to be done over 15 weeks. Building strength through bodyweight exercises is important in order to build a solid foundation of proper movements and strength. Using this program will help build a foundation that will decrease the chance of injury now and in the future. Each workout consists of a warm-up, activities, and a cool down and should take 15 to 30 minutes to complete. The program is designed to be done 3 days per week. The entire program is designed to be done in limited space with very little equipment. It is very easy to do this program in a living room or other small space. Improvements should be noticeable within 4 to 6 weeks. By the end of the course, participants will understand the basics concepts of strength training, improved their fitness, and know how to build a training program.

    Research shows that strength training is an important factor in quality of life. Most people know this but are unsure of how to start developing strength. A person may join a boot camp or other high intensity program without having built a proper foundation. Injuries or overtraining are common with these programs which result in people stopping their exercise program. We think that all people should spend 6 months to 1 year building strength through body weight exercises.




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