Five Benefits of Exercising as a Family

I am always looking for ways to spend more time with my kids. It is so easy to get caught up in sitting at home together with everyone on their own tablet or computer. What can we do to be more actively engaged as a family? Eating meals together is important. Having a family game night or movie night is fun. I have found that exercising as a family has several benefits that we may not get from eating together or playing a board game.

Family Bonding

Exercising together helps us to strengthen relationships and build memories. Find activities you can all enjoy together. It may be playing freeze tag, catch, or making up your own game. Your kids will appreciate the time you spent together. Recently my daughters and I have been passing a basketball and soccer ball in the yard. I have really enjoyed the time together. My one daughter now asks me several times a week to go outside and practice soccer together. It makes me feel really good that my daughter wants to spend time with me.

Improves Communication

I believe that when we exercise together our communication improves. My children seem to be more willing to talk about what is going on in their lives when we are being active together. I have not seen any research but from my experience families who exercise together tend to be happier, have better communication, and closer relationships.

Teaches Good Habits

To our children, our actions speak louder than words. Exercising together is a great way to teach our children the value of regular exercise. When we take time to go for a walk with our kids, or going on a bike ride together we are showing our children that we value them and want them to make healthy lifestyle choices.

It does not cost much

We are always trying to find activities that are budget friendly for a family. Going to the movies or going bowling can be expensive. Exercising together can be done for little or no cost. Playing kickball or having a dance party together does not cost a thing.

It is Fun

Find activities your family can enjoy together. You might be surprised at the difference in your mood after actively playing together with your children.

Put down your tablet, get your kids together and go outside and play. Make this time a necessary part of your daily routines.

About Family Fitness

Hello Friends, Our Fitness 4 Homeschool Physical Education Curriculum was developed by Homeschool parents, aunts, and uncles who saw the need for a physical education curriculum. We are trained in the field of Physical Education and fitness. The Fitness 4 Homeschool Physical Education Curriculum program is designed for a single child, a group of children, a family, or taught to a group or co-op. Family Time Fitness is committed to improving the awareness of and opportunities for improved physical education and fitness for families around the world.
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