Changes coming to the Nutrition Facts labels

On May 31, 2016 I challenged myself to go one day without sugar. I made it through the day so I thought I would keep the challenge going one day at a time. Over the last few days I have been much more conscious reading the Nutrition Facts labels to limit my sugar intake. The Nutrition Facts labels certainly help me make a better decision on whether or not I will eat the food item. By taking this challenge, I have certainly cut down on the snacks, desserts, and mindless eating.

A couple of weeks ago the FDA finalized the new Nutrition Facts labels for packaged foods. One of the changes is that the new labels will add a line under the Total Sugars. This line will state how many grams of added sugar there are in one serving of the food item. I think this change is helpful. We should know how much sugar has been added to the food we are eating.

Food manufacturers have until July 26, 2018 to make the changes so it will be a little while before you start seeing the changes on the food you purchase. Look at the new Nutrition Facts label. There are other changes to the Nutrition Facts label that have been made. I will explain these other changes in another post.


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