What about the 2.1 million?

Over 80% of adults believe that daily physical education should mandatory. Even though the majority of adults believe daily physical education is necessary the reality is that only 4% of elementary, 8% of middle, and 2% of high schools provide daily physical education. I would guess that the numbers of homeschool children engaging in daily physical education is similar to that of the students who attend public schools. If we take the high end and say that 8% of homeschool children engage in daily physical education it means only 184,000 of the 2.3 million homeschool children get daily physical education. Why are the other 2.1 million students not engaging in daily physical education? I can speculate as to why only a small percent of homeschoolers engage in daily physical education. It may be a lack of knowledge about what physical education actually is. Many people think that physical activity is physical education. Physical Education incorporates physical activity but also includes the acquisition of physical skills, and enhances physical fitness.

A few other reasons for not engaging in PE on a daily basis include cost, perceived lack of knowledge, and limited space. I am sure there are other reasons for not doing daily physical education. We would like to hear what barriers you face that may prevent your children from doing daily physical education.

At Family Time Fitness we have tried to remove most of the barriers to help your family make physical education a part of your daily routines. We provide easy to follow lessons that can be done in a small space with minimal equipment. Our goal is to help your family be healthier and happier. Check out or programs and let us help your family.


About Family Fitness

Hello Friends, Our Fitness 4 Homeschool Physical Education Curriculum was developed by Homeschool parents, aunts, and uncles who saw the need for a physical education curriculum. We are trained in the field of Physical Education and fitness. The Fitness 4 Homeschool Physical Education Curriculum program is designed for a single child, a group of children, a family, or taught to a group or co-op. Family Time Fitness is committed to improving the awareness of and opportunities for improved physical education and fitness for families around the world.
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