Diet buster – Frozen French Fries?

Morning friends,

I have had had several people ask me to post the info about the

grocery bag parachute for the kids. For those of you who missed

my update on it a while back here is what it was in reference to.

Question a parent sent in… How do we get the kids to enjoy running?

One of our many answers was my grocery bag parachute. My nephew

and niece played with it for an hour straight the other day with the neighbor

kids. They are so occupied by getting this plastic bag to lift off the ground,

they don’t even realize they’re running.

I will try and post instructions on how to build it in the next few weeks.

It can also be a project everyone can work on together. It’ really is a fun and easy project to do.

Fit Fact: Diet Busters – Frozen Fries are Convenient/easy to prepare and give

you all kinds of artery clogging fat. Substitute for easy to heat frozen brown rice.

The information is educational and general in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Information provided is not intended for the purpose of disease diagnosis or treatment. Individuals desiring help for specific health problems should seek advice from qualified professionals.

Reminder: If it’s too hot for you outside?

Our program can be easily done inside.

So no excuse to miss or skip it.

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