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"We are using the Family boot camp workout and the kids are enjoying most of it. They have surprised me with what activities are their favorites. We have all improved our stamina and upper body strength. We will continue using this workout and will consider buying the yearly membership."  - Kristin, Co-op Member      "The kids have really enjoyed working out with these videos. I've been caught off guard a time or two when the little girl has been doing exercises behind me or outside in the yard while during free playtime. Pretty cute."  - Belinda      "The biggest surprise with Family Time Fitness is how much I (Mom) enjoy participating in it! I was pretty sure my boys (7,5 and 3) would love it, but I am pleased to report that I enjoy it as much as they do! It's super easy to follow and requires no prep work. It makes me feel like a superstar PE teacher!"  - Sara, Co-op Member     

Health and Fitness resources for every family. Re-energize your family today. Improve your family's fitness in the privacy of your own home for less than the cost of going out for dinner. No more gym memberships, no expensive equipment required. Your children will love the workouts.

All of our programs meet the physical education requirements for homeschooling families. Within a short period of time you will notice your kids will be more focused after completing a workout. Their attitudes will be improved. You will also notice improved athleticism which will help your children in all the sports, dance, or recreational activities. Get started with one of our fitness programs today.

When you purchase one of our membership packages you get access to planned physical education lessons. A membership includes access to the following programs and much more...please go the following page for more details. Homeschool Fitness or Family Fitness.

Core 1 Physical Education Curriculum (260 lessons) for 5-13 year olds
Core 2 Advanced Physical Education Curriculum (190 lessons) for 5-13 year olds
Beginner Basketball (18 lessons, 8-10 week program) ages 6+
High School Strength and Conditioning (15 week program)
Beginner Running Program (10 week program)
High School Boot Camp (14 week program)
High School Health Class (14 week program)
Family Boot Camp (14 week program) ages 5+​

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Fitness For Homeschool Homeschool Physical Edcucation Fitness 4 Homeschool is the premier Physical Education Curriculum for Home School Families. Join thousands of families enjoying the benefits of being more focused, motivated, and energized to learn.

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Family Time Fitness™ is proud to announce Family Time Fitness has won more awards for 2015! Fitness 4 Homeschool™ Curriculum has won 1st Place in the prestigious 2012 and 2015 Practical Homeschooling® Reader Award™. Join the thousands of families getting their homeschool and family physically fit! Family Time Fitness™ has another award for 2013 HowToLearn.com Top 101 Site! Homeschool.com Top Curriculum 2013 and Old Schoolhouse 2013 Award.

Fitness 4 Homeschool 2012 Practical Homeschool Award HowToLearn.com Top 101 Site Family Time Fitness 2013 Award  
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